Drew J. Phillips

Product Launch

Workplace Series


The Project

Staples was ready to go to market with their incredible new Workplace Series chairs. With hundreds of colors to choose from and tons of customizable features, businesses everywhere could ditch uncomfortable and boring black chairs for the perfect chair fit and color. That catch? They had no photos of these great new products and the only product on hand were the black chairs.

The marketing and merchandising teams knew they needed a photoshoot and fast, but black chairs in a typical office environment was not going stand out from the competition. Whether in brochures, sell sheets, emails, catalog ads or landing pages, these chairs had to turn heads.

Without physical product and a deadline looming, we proposed an idea new to Staples — render the chairs. No photoshoot. No physical product. After updating the geometry from 3D models provided by Staples’ vendor, we produced a large suite of stunning and iconic images, integrating them into a variety of product launch materials.

Creative Team

Creative Director
Freddy Gomez

Associate Creative Director
Drew Phillips

Associate Creative Director, UX
El Cruz

3D Studio
Craft New York

Print & Digital Design Team
Nicole Mercado, Jess Walters


We brought the chairs to life through iconic angles, vibrant colors and playful, modern layouts.


3D photography was incorporated across print and digital vehicles, including video.


 B2B Brochure


Landing Page