Drew J. Phillips


Creative Strategy




I’m a Boston based designer who is passionate about helping brands connect with customers through expected and unexpected touch points. Brands are no longer just vying with competitors for market share, they’re competing with memes, emojis and Insta stories for a slice of the customer’s attention. Every interaction with a customer is a chance to build a deeper relationship and reinforce the brand’s place in their world.

With a background in both retail and ux/visual design, my work regularly crosses between print and digital. As an advocate of customer-first, user centered design, I crave finding solutions to meet the business need while improving the customer’s experience.


Before logos and brands, our signatures were our marks. They carried the weight of our credibility and integrity, representing promises and good faith to those we did business with. My signature is my promise to myself and my colleagues to uphold a high standard of work, put the customer first, learn from anyone and everyone, turn problems and challenges into positive change and to act with honesty and transparency.