Drew J. Phillips

“As a manager, Drew is an advocate and ally for everyone on his team. He pushes me to never settle for anything but the best and has my back every step of the way.”

Jess Walters

Senior Designer
Craft Boston



“Drew consistently balances customer needs, internal standards and overall strategy.  In addition to providing great design and content, Drew’s ability to create positive and effective relationships is outstanding. When working on projects with Drew, my confidence level is high knowing that I’ll receive something impactful and on time because of his skills, ownership mentality and the partnership we have created.” 

Alex Frankel

Director of Visual Merchandising
Staples Marketing



“Drew has the unique perspective of both business strategy and a sensitivity to design language. I am consistently inspired by his concepts and enthusiasm. As a creative colleague, Drew has become a great friend and sounding board to bounce ideas off of. Not only is he honest and articulate he offers numerous solutions to some of the most difficult design problems.”

Jeremy hetherington

Senior Industrial Designer & Design Strategy
In Good Company, part of MassMutual



“As one of my closest creative partners, Drew’s tireless commitment to innovation and thoughtful design not only elevates each and every project, but motivates and inspires all those around him as well.”

Dane Fionda

Senior Copywriter
Craft Boston



“Drew demonstrated high level client management skills when he worked for me. His design skills were great, but where he excelled was in clarifying client vision and communicating his ideas to them. He impressed even the most picky clients with his attention to detail and clean design work. Drew is dedicated, hard-working and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

Katherine Hasenauer Cornetta 

Assistant to the Dean of Students for Communications & Technology
Boston University