Drew J. Phillips




The Project

Former colleague, Katie Ring, asked if I was willing to help her on an upcoming shoot. When one of your favorite creative partners and friends asks for a favor, you say yes. Katie has worked for big names like Stonewall Kitchens, Wayfair, CVS, Staples and more, but she still loves the gritty shoots, with unexpected challenges that remind you why you got into creative work in the first place. This was one of those projects.

Woburn burger joint, WUBurger is in the process of reinventing itself. The food they pump out is not made to look pretty, but it tastes incredible — likely because everything is made in-house. They needed photos for upcoming marketing materials and social posts that would look as good as their menu tastes.

Everything was shot on-site in WUBurger’s dining room and during business hours. With just one day to shoot, we came up with a series of photo styles for different use scenarios and captured over 40 delicious looking photos. We even squeezed in some taste testing — you really have to try the veggie burger.

Creative Team

Associate Creative Director
Drew Phillips

Katie Ring