Drew J. Phillips

Wedding Suite

Hannah & Josh

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The Project

Hannah and Josh have immaculate taste and high standards, but their top priority was to be sure their guests slipped smoothly into the down-to-earth vibes of French’s Point, Maine. That meant every piece had to be perfect and hang together, but also look easy and effortless.

This meant a custom built wedding site with every detail imaginable, custom icons and watercolor elements to match their commissioned watercolor crest and a lot of paper collateral. Throughout the process, the couple was eager to learn about typography and paper samples while being open to new ideas.

Watercolor treatments were created digitally and applied to typefaces and icons to give every piece the feeling of being handcrafted and hand-lettered. This technique allowed additional collateral to be created and printed all the way up to a week of the wedding.


Site & Paper Design
Drew Phillips

Original Crest Watercolor
Kearsley Lloyd

Emily Blake Photo

Envelope Calligraphy
Le Petit Prints


Wedding website


Printed materials

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Josh Levine - fix1.jpg
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