Drew J. Phillips

Brand CLEAN-UP Guidelines



The Project

With the introduction of a new campaign during changes in ownership and marketing leadership, Staples was ready for a brand clean-up. A core team of creative directors combed through a year’s worth of work, spanning multiple business units and marketing vehicles. We identified what was working well, what wasn’t and where we could improve. Our ultimate goal was to streamline the Staples brand with more consistency, improving customer experience.

After our audit of existing creative we established preliminary guidelines and checked our work by re-creating previous projects within the new standards. The end result was a document marketing and creative teams alike could use to inform brand and creative marketing decisions internally and with vendors. These basic guardrails and a system of standards, let creative teams focus on telling more engaging stories with a higher level of creative integrity and with more speed.

Below are some of the brand elements, in a addition to voice, that we reviewed and standardized.

Creative Team

Creative Director
Whitney Mangiafico

Creative Director, Copy
Jane Scanlon

Associate Creative Directors
Drew Phillips, El Cruz







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Example Emails


Retail Signs


Catalog Spread